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The Holland America Line Experience

Holland America Cruise experience

The great memories you have from your Holland America Line cruise can stay alive and well long after your cruise has ended.  At Shop Holland America, we have endeavored to bring many of the fine things you experienced onboard and present them to you here.  

Feel like you never slept better than you did onboard?  Then relive that experience every night with your very own Mariner's Dream bed, an exclusive to Holland America Line.  

Can't find coffee that satisfies you like the exquisite Dutch coffee served onboard?  It's now possible to order it from Shop Holland America, and have it shipped right to your doorstep.  

So go on, relax and enjoy, and savor the memories of your Holland America Line cruise experience. 
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Sleep every night just like you slept onboard!

The Mariner's Dream bed is custom made and only available from Holland America Line.

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Mariners Dream Bed by Holland America Line

Ensuring world class hospitality aboard Holland America Line